Born in Venezuela with Italian roots.
The soon ‘it girl’ yet to be discovered; Alessandra Sironi graduated cum laude in Communication Studies at Nova Southeastern University, USA.

She started her career behind the scenes as a creative director and filmmaker.

After hiding for a while behind a computer editing and designing, one director managed to put her in front of the cameras as a ballerina, one of her many other talents.

After tasting the action of a music video, she fall in love with herself in front of the cameras. While living in Miami, the opportunities presented to the modeling path. She started collaborating with many artists to build her portfolio.

At the beginning she struggled to find her true identity in the entertainment industry, to then realize she was simply an artist. She could not be categorized. She dances, she models, she writes, she designs, she photographs, she styles, she creates and edit most of her content. She’s just fanatic of multitasking.

And if that wasn’t enough, she is now enrolled in Drama School and studying her third language: French, being Spanish and English the first two consecutively.

She’s in her 20’s and hopes to become a well know actress in the near future. She plans to keep modeling as well as preparing herself to be both in front and behind the scenes.

She’s also been having a huge increase in followers in the past two years, which it’s been leading her into the ‘Influencer world’ and the social media movement.

She pays her bills producing campaigns for the retail industry, as well as working as an independent video editor and modeling gigs internationally.

She’s a big deal; huge combination of brains and beauty.

Keep her on the loop.

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