90’s gal

This ‘vans are back’ trend gets me going.

As a 90’s gal, there’s nothing else I love more than this┬árebel-skater mood that’s going on.

Walking around Tenerife, I found this vintage movistar phone-booth. And it seemed to actually work! I don’t know who still uses these, but it would be interesting to ask why.

Still I’ll never forget those days when calling was more important than texting! (laughs)

There’s no much need to explain the pieces I wore. Denim on denim never goes wrong. Specially if you pair it up with a nice pair of Ray ban round-shaped shades, Vans and a white shirt that tides it all up together!

┬áTrends are cyclical and, sometimes, brands don’t even have to reinvent themselves to be ‘trendy’ (forgive the redundancy).

Look at Converse, Adidas, Vans, Levis, Supreme, Ray Ban and all these huge brands that always maintain their classic items.

Aren’t you glad for knowing you can always get great everlasting denim pieces at Levis?

Haha! I do.

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