All Black Christmas Night.


On ‘Noche Buena’ as we call it in Spanish, I went for the #allblackeverything. And this is a parenthesis; do you know that this phrase (in the urban dictionary) comes from an utopia of a world where racism never existed. Can you imagine a history devoid of racism? Probably the human race had gotten off on a totally different foot.

Anyways, we know use this term in fashion, and it refers to the lack of light in our outfit. I would say the lack of color, but ‘black’ isn’t one. Meaning that what we think to be black is nothing more that the absence of color. And believe me, Black with black dress you up more than any combination color and: never goes wrong!

No need to match anything with nothing.

Well, in this outfit, I did match something: the earnings with the stockings. Something I probably only noticed myself but now you know it too. And don’t tell me it isn’t the cutest way of doing accessories (laughs). Polka dots are my faves (since I dance flamenco, I know lots about these so loved “Lunares”). In this case I’m wearing the polka dots stockings from Calzedonia.

And the rest is very simple. We all have little black shorts in our closet right? Mines were from Zara, as well as the top, which has this little faux fur detail on the sleeves. However, any black long sleeve t-shirt would do.

Regarding the accessories, both the cute dot earnings and the ring are from bijou-brigitte. And for the hairstyle I did a high messy ponytail just to show them earnings. Sorry, I just really love them. They seem to bounce-dance as you walk (laughs).

It was pretty cold that night so I threw on a faux fur coat from Zara as well. It has the option of removing the fur part but it seemed reasonable to leave it on since the sleeves also had the furry detail.

My makeup was pretty heavy that night. I did smokey eyes, bold cat eyeliner, and matte nude lipstick.

The boots are oldies. I don’t even remember where I got them from but I promise to look it up. Make sure you use stiletto boots tho, a thick heel would ruin it all.

Merry Xmas!

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