Spring & Corduroy.

We all get along with spring, as long as it includes some corduroy!

This cozy fabric knows how to keep us warm.

The word corduroy goes way back to the 18th century. ‘Corduroy’ comes from the french words ‘corde‘ and ‘du roi‘. Translating ‘cloth of the king’

I guess back then it was considered a royal fabric? Anyhow! If you’d like to show some skin during spring, this is a cool fabric to be worn.

Pieces made out of this fabric tend to come in warm colors (camel, beige, cream). Don’t ask me why, I didn’t dig info up to this point (laughs).

Got the high waist skirt from romwe.com and added a black crop top from batnorton.

This last store, Batnorton, is a Russian based retail store. They use high quality fabrics, perfect for cold weather.

Added black and gold accessories: A Nixon gold watch, a pair of sunglasses from romwe as well, and a hand made ring from:  I don’t remember, hehe!

I was feeling the sunset vibes in a Madrid terrace, so I was shoe-less.

However, you can wear this outfit with over the knee black boots, or some combat boots with knee high socks, or even ankle boots with black stockings. I know you can picture it (laughs). I wore it like this last time:

Lastly, you can throw on a cardigan or a coat depending on the cold intensity.

Excluding the watch, this is a less than $30 outfit. 




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