Nude, Nude, Nude.

The color beige matches any type of skin tone.

And this is my favorite part of this blog. It doesn’t matter if you are the whitest person ever, or if you have yellowish skin tone, or if you are tanned. Nude will look perfect on any girl!

As I wrote on my last post, the ‘black on black’ rule, applies here too. ‘Nude with nude’ makes you look elegant and classy and there is no need to add any other color apart from the beige palette.

Even my nails were nude, so… I guess you get the point.

Every time I use this purse I make friends (laughs). Girls seem to have a really deep connection with Audrey Hepburn. I got it from ; this store offers a variety of really unique bags!

You can barely notice, but I’m also wearing nude seamless tights. For this leg-wear you’ll need to find the perfect match for your skin tone so you don’t ruin the outfit wearing a darker or brighter color. The point is to make people believe you are going bare skin.

So when you go get them, make sure you open up the package, if possible, or ask for help on the store. I got mine from Calzedonia and what I did was; tried them on around my fist (stretching them out really well to see if they really matched my skin tone).

Accessorizing this outfit was not hard. I went for the gold hoop pair of earnings we all own, spicing it up with a black and gold bracelet. (Yes Yes, I know, black is not part of the nude spectrum, but you have to admit it goes really d*mn well!)

If you ask me, or any other gal, the proper shoes tidy up an outfit. And this case was no difference. I wore Suede Heel Over The Knee Boots from Yoins; and disregarding the struggle to put them on, it was worth the fight. Be prepared to buy another pair of tights when you take the boots off (laughs).

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the dress.

This dolman jersey dress was only about 19 euros from Romwe. The soft and soothing fabric kept me warm. However, keep in mind that raising your hands can result on a sneak peek of your bottoms.

You might also want to style this jersey with a nice pair of blue jeans if you like the whole cozy over-sized sweater theme.

The vintage coat from Cortefiel was past down from a family member.  However, I’m sure it won’t be an issue finding a similar one. Stay in budget cause they tend to be pricey.

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